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About Us

Designing clothing is my life, my art, and my expression of beauty.  When I started in 2003, I had no previous experience designing.  Trial and error has taught me to think outside the box and create unique items that bring out peoples personalities.  I started producing runway shows in 2015 to showcase my own collection as well as other local artists and businesses from around the community.   

I live to create clothing that allows your inner confidence to shine through.  Every piece is cut out and sewn individually.  Extra steps are taken to ensure the quality.  My goal is to make a piece of clothing that fits well, invokes feeling, and lasts for years.

If you are interested in a custom piece please message me!  I'd love to bring your ideas to life.


What some of my customers say:

"I'm not supposed to look this good and feel this comfortable!"

"I love your dresses for traveling. They take very little space in a
suitcase and I never need to iron them! Just pull them out and 
go, no wrinkling!"

"I have never been able to try on so many things from a single 
brand and have them fit so well!"


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